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BioLingo Connect is a web-based environment that we use to efficiently manage your translation project.  It allows you to request quotes, upload your documents for translation, monitor the progress of a translation, retrieve the translated versions of your documents, and keep track of your sale orders and invoices. 


 Upload your documents, choose languages, set your deadline, and provide instructions. 
 Receive an email with your quote within 24 hours. 
 Accept or reject your quote with one click. You can also give us feedback and request an adjustment. 
 Securely pay. 


 Log back into BioLingo Connect at any time to track your Order.
 Check the status of your translation project.
 Look at the original and translated versions of your documents, review the history using an intuitive interface.
 Access all your quotes, sales orders, invoices and bills in a single well-organized place.
 Optionally receive emails whenever the status of your order is updated. 

 Accurate and Consistent Terminology

Take Advantage of Our All-in-One Translation Platform with the Best Medical Translation Resources



Customized glossaries
Context-specific medical dictionaries
Multilingual medical acronyms database


Style guides
Customized glossaries
Translation memory



Customized glossaries
Translation memory

Quality Assurance​

Multi-step workflows
AI quality checks

Linguistic Assets​

BioLingo  integrates multiple translation assets with customized workflows to deliver high-quality medical translations in a timely manner.

Explore How Translation Assets Improve Quality and Productivity

Translation Memory

Update your documents in a cost-effective way using a translation memory. This stores segments of text as units in a database, and greatly increases efficiency. Not only does a translation memory save time and cut costs, it also helps keep the style and terminology of your documents consistent.


We develop multilingual glossaries to suit your particular needs. These custom glossaries are integrated into our workflow and can be accessed in real time by the translators working on your project. This helps achieve accuracy and consistency throughout your messaging. 

AI Built-in Quality Checks

Take advantage of our powerful translation platform to improve patient safety with content quality checks. We can detect translation and terminology inconsistencies, omissions, additions, spelling errors, and much more while your medical translation is in progress.

Medical Dictionaries

Context-specific multilingual medical dictionaries register cultural and linguistic nuances. They provide clear examples that help translators research and correctly interpret challenging terms while avoiding common medical translation mistakes. Using this resource ensures accuracy and clarity in your medical translation.

Acronym Database

This resource is a comprehensive multilingual compilation of medical abbreviations and acronyms. It provides a clear framework for medical translators working on your translation project to produce translated content with acronyms that are appropriate in the target language.

Style Guides

Style guides define punctuation, grammar, and spelling rules; stylistic and formatting preferences. They can help address cultural differences and varied literacy levels. We will work with you to develop a style guide that accounts for your target audience and maintains your brand identity.  

Translation Technology FAQs

We can customize workflows to incorporate artificial intelligence translation technology. This uses several machine translation engines and  produces an 80% accurate translation output in most languages.   We can provide a combination of machine translation with human post-editing for non-medical content, such us marketing materials at a reduced rate.

What is the maximum file size I can send?

The automated upload is limited to file sizes up to 5 MB. If you need to send something larger, please contact us. 

Yes. You just need to provide the URL, tell us the target language and what pages you want translated. When the translation is done, we will provide a language widget for your site.

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