Medical Translation with Your Needs in Mind

We offer precise and professional medical translation, quickly delivered, with fair and flexible pricing.

We are offering free English to Spanish translation of COVID-19 related content up to 500 words.
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Efficient Translation Technology

Take advantage of translation tools specifically designed to manage complex healthcare terminology with built-in quality checks.

On-Time Delivery

Our translation platform, knowledgeable translators, and carefully crafted workflows guarantee timely delivery of complex medical translations without sacrificing the quality that you expect. We can proudly say that we have never missed a deadline.

Quick and Affordable Updates

Leverage your previously translated content so that you only pay for the translation of new material. Our translation platform enables us to find new content in previously translated documents. Our professional translators make sure that the newly translated text flows seamlessly within the original document.

Built-in Quality Assurance

Take advantage of our powerful translation platform to improve patient safety with content quality checks. We can detect translation and terminology inconsistencies, omissions, spelling errors, and much more while your translation is in progress.

What Our Customers Are Saying

How to Order

Order our specialized medical translation service in two convenient and hassle-free ways.

Order Online

  • Upload your document for a free translation quote
  • Control your turnaround time
  • Have access to personalized support the entire time
  • Pay with your credit card
  • Download your translated documents

Personalized Support

Customized Service at No Extra Cost

  • Ideal for translation projects with complex requirements
  • Convenient for frequent translation projects with ongoing translation updates
  • A consistent point of contact to discuss your needs and translation service options
  • Customized agreement for future translation services
  • Pay after delivery