Professional Translation Services for Life Science Challenges  

Leverage accurate, natural, and clear multilingual life science content. Provide
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Meticulous Work that Goes Way Beyond Translation

When life itself is at stake, every word and every comma counts. We select highly-skilled life science translators and empower them with sophisticated AI translation technology. 

Flexible Translation Workflows 

Delivering high-quality life science translation requires careful planning, monitoring, and implementation. Choose from three service plans or contact us to create your own.

Human Professional Translation 

Human translators are the safest way to translate highly technical life science content like informed consents, protocols, adverse event reports, case reports, websites with technical descriptions of products or medical procedures, and more. Subject-matter linguists follow a multistep QA process, which respects your requirements and deadlines.

Human Post-Editing 

AI translation powered by 12 neuro machine translation engines combine with a whole suite of specialized translation assets to help linguists be more efficient and center their attention on language nuances. This is appropriate for NON-TECHNICAL content such as marketing materials, signage, bulletins, news, and more. 

Web Connectors

Robust and sophisticated translation API connectors facilitate content extraction and translation from different file formats and through Content Management Systems such as Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, and more. You can choose to automate your translation process and connect with our talented translators.

Why BioLingo

We offer scientific knowledge, linguistic expertise, and state-of-the-art translation technology.

Prompt Delivery  

Our translation platform, knowledgeable translators, and carefully crafted workflows achieve timely delivery of complex medical translations without sacrificing the quality that you expect. 

Experienced Team 

Our vetted translators deliver accurate, polished, easy-to-read, and culturally appropriate medical translations. 

Smart Technology

Our translation tools are specifically designed to manage complex medical terminology with built-in quality checks to guarantee the quality of your medical translation. 

On-Target Messaging 

Our custom glossaries keep your messaging accurate, clear, and consistent throughout. Choose the appropriate reading level for your target audience.

The bilingual manual received many accolades; among them the prestigious, University of Florida Gold Image Award for Communication.

John Alleyne, PhD 
• University of Florida

Optimized for life science backed by expertise

Exceptional Professional Translation Services at your Fingertips

Our translation service portfolio gives you the flexibility to market your products and services, conduct research, or provide medical care.

Technical Translation

Communicate effectively, mitigate risks, save time, and reduce translation costs. Be supported by an experienced team that understands your needs and is capable of customizing a unique translation solution to help you succeed.

Website Localization

Reach across language and cultural barriers with a seamless process that works with any CMS. Choose professional translation, editing and proofreading, or save time and money combining automated translation driven by AI with professional post-editing.

E-learning Localization 

Build engaging learning experiences in other languages effortlessly by translating e-books, PDFs, quizzes, assessments, subtitling videos, and much more.  Contact us to learn how our powerful and versatile translation platform is equipped with tools and features to bring your e-learning content to life.

Certified Translations 

Obtain IRB approval with a free-of-charge notarized certificate of translation completeness and accuracy.  Complimentary translation certificates are available to all our customers upon request.

Multilingual DTP

Ensure your readers enjoy great looking professionally composed documents appropriate for the local user.  We support MS Word, Power Point, PDF, Google Docs, In Design, and more. Check our translation page for a more comprehensive list of supported files.

Custom Translation Solutions

Seek a translation solution that meets your needs, whether you want to communicate better with your patients in their native language or find new opportunities around the globe.



Leverage medical translation discounts to drive your healthcare initiatives forward. We support organizations involved in clinical research and educational outreach.

Medical Devices

Collaborate with international partners to maximize efficiency. Achieve your globalization goals by attracting and retaining distributors. We can support you to overcome regulatory hurdles.

Clinical Research

Maximize value and accelerate launch by using our professional medical translation services. We can meet your needs at every stage from clinical research to post-commercialization.
Conduct clinical trials worldwide, or enroll foreign subjects, using accurate and culturally sensitive medical translations. 

Medical Institutions and Providers

Provide service to non-English speakers in an efficient and safe way. Improve patient satisfaction and experience. We have medical translation solutions across the full continuum of care.


Implement effective language initiatives to reach out to the diverse populations you serve. Increase patient engagement and medication adherence to improve outcomes.

Medical Labs

Become an integral member of the communities you serve by providing convenient and affordable services in other languages.

Resources ​

In-House Translation Team vs. Professional Translation Service: Which Serves You Better?

Outsourcing medical translations can help your organization serve diverse healthcare clients in an efficient and safe way without sacrificing your quality of care.

Ten Tips to Provide Crystal Clear Medical Translations and Improve Outcomes

So many things can go wrong when a patient and a medical professional are unable to communicate. Communication is the foundation of patient safety and quality care.

Those Most Unseen:
Harnessing Translation to Reach Minorities with Rare Diseases

When fighting rare diseases, recruitment for clinical trials is essential in helping the medical community gain new insights. When the population that desperately needs a solution is small, it can’t afford to leave out 

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