Specialized Medical Translation Service

We are as interested in patient-centered care as you are.

About Us

BioLingo was founded in 2010 in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The management team and all translators are biologists with advanced science degrees. We specialize in Life Science translations and all of us have in-depth knowledge of scientific terminology.

We strive to provide you with outstanding translation services. Our core values are: integrity, excellence, collaboration, and efficiency. With these in mind, we deliver exceptional customer service and high-quality translation solutions.

The same values guide us to select our translation staff. We are proud to have an extraordinary team of well qualified linguists who are passionate about communicating science to the world.

In our effort to become efficient, we have leveraged technology to support our customers and linguists. Our technology provides a clean interface for customers to manage their projects and a platform for our translators and editors to collaborate. For us, personal interaction continues to be the most effective way to understand our customer needs and fulfill their requests.

We look forward to serving you. You can be certain that we will cherish our relationship and will always make every effort to deserve and maintain your continued business.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to contribute to the success of our customers and create a long term relationship built on customer satisfaction and trust. We aim to provide high-quality translation services at competitive rates to help our clients cross language and cultural barriers and stay ahead.