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Collaborative Translation Environment

Find out how our computer-aided translation platform allows us to foster efficiency and promote cooperation among our team members to benefit you.

Are You Making the Most out of Your Translation Budget?

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Custom Terminology Management for Higher Consistency

Take advantage of translation tools specifically designed to manage complex healthcare terminology with built-in quality checks.

Centralized Terminology Management

You can choose the right reading level for your healthcare translation. We will develop multilingual Term Bases (TB) for your particular needs. These glossaries are integrated in our workflow and can be accessed in real time by the linguists working in your project.

Built-in Quality Assurance

Improve patient safety with powerful quality checks. We can detect translation and terminology inconsistencies, omissions, spelling errors, and much more while your translation is in progress.

Cost Effective Translation Technology

Get more return of investment by taking advange of our state of the art translation platform.

Efficiency and Savings Go Together

Pay only once for the translation of repeated content within your document. Our translation software can recognize similar content and find translation matches. Once the translator has entered the translation of a paragraph into the system, the translation propagates throughout, so that this content won't be translated again.

Quick and Affordable Updates

Leverage your previously translated content and pay only for the translation of new material. All translations are recorded in a multilingual database or translation memory for future use. The database enables us to find matches and pretranslate automatically subsequent documents. The translator can easily find unmatched text and update your translated content.