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Our Story

Humble Beginnings

The idea of BioLingo was born in 2004 by serendipity. Back then, the founder of the company, Maria Apgar, was an Entomologist dedicated to helping farmers become organic. She visited farms regularly and was frequently approached by workers that spoke no English and needed help. Often times, she took them to the hospital where she had to sight translate lengthy documents and complete enrollment forms. She gained firsthand experience with the difficulties that non-English speaking patients face when accessing the healthcare system. She also witnessed the challenges that healthcare providers encounter when engaging with Low English Proficiency (LEP) patients. Eventually she decided to become a Certified Medical Interpreter and a member of the American Translators Association to better bridge the gap between LEP patients and healthcare providers.

Growing Pains

The nagging question was how to assist more people. Maria decided the best way to accomplish this was to offer a translation service to healthcare providers. Professional medical translations would help hospitals, small clinics, and independent physicians comply with their language access requirements. Providing this service for large institutions required recruiting linguists with the same interest in helping people, a strong science background, and the ability to communicate clearly in their native language. Establishing methods capable of screening translators and developing efficient translation technologies were the next logical steps. So, we did!


Today, we are proud to have an extraordinary team of well qualified medical translators who are passionate about helping people and communicating science to the world. In our effort to become efficient, we have improved our technology that supports our customers and linguists. Our technology provides a clean interface for customers to manage their projects and a platform for our translators and editors to collaborate. But we limit the extent of how we use technology; for us, personal interaction continues to be the most effective way to understand our customer needs and fulfill their requests. Our goal is to improve patient outcomes, avoid adverse events, reduce hospital readmissions, and contribute to the success of healthcare providers. We aim to provide high-quality translation services at competitive rates to help our clients reach across language and cultural barriers to thereby enable access to exceptional care for everyone.

Mission Statement

BioLingo delivers exceptional customer service and high-quality translation solutions for healthcare providers.